A careful and in-depth researcher and interviewer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Heather on a number of freelance articles for our magazine over the years. One of the reasons I keep coming back to Heather with more assignments is that I know I can rely on her to produce consistently high-quality articles on wide-ranging topics. She has written captivating history pieces; lively profiles of people, groups, and projects; and justice-oriented news stories. She puts the same care and consideration into a brief 300-word piece as she does one with thousands of words. Heather is a careful and in-depth researcher and interviewer, and she will often suggest topics and angles we hadn’t considered. In short: she is extremely professional, talented, and pleasant to work with.

Sonja Cohen, Deputy Managing Editor at UU World

Thoughtful and generous approach

Heather was my editor at the Lexington Minuteman. As a freelance reporter, I valued the opportunity to work with her. She shared insights about reporting and writing that I consider key to my development as a journalist. If I needed to talk through a story to find the best angle or decide what information to include, Heather would take the time to listen to me, despite having her own deadlines as an editor and reporter. She could pinpoint the heart of a scattered narrative, always leading me to exclaim, “Yes, that’s it!” Heather’s thoughtful and generous approach as an editor also influenced how she covered the community. The stories she assigned were often rooted in social justice, reflecting her own insights into how these issues affect a community. I consider myself a better journalist for having worked with Heather.

Diane McLaughlin, Associate Editor – banking, The Warren Group

A great asset to this publication

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Heather Beasley Doyle as a freelancer for The Arlington Advocate. I have come to know her as a skilled, professional journalist with an ability to find creative story angles where none seem to exist and superb storytelling skills, and as a warm and friendly person.

Heather has proven her ability to turn dross into gold numerous times. In her regular profiles of long-standing businesses in Arlington, she has distilled compelling stories out of familiar, seemingly ordinary ingredients. When profiling a brother-sister team of barbers, she made the warm, jocular environment they create in their shop come alive, revealing the real attraction for the shop’s small but loyal following.

She is equally at home chasing meaty, controversial topics, as well. She investigated the impact of a rash of bomb threats against Arlington’s public and Catholic high schools. Her story teased out not only the subtle ways the specter of violence in this age of Sandy Hook and Orlando hurts students, parents and teachers alike, but also some of the ways in which they find resilience in the face of this menace.

Every story she has written for me has resonated very strongly with our audience, measured not only in page views, but in website and social media comments, letters to the editor, and social shares.

In short, Ms. Doyle has been a great asset to this publication.

James Sanna, Managing Editor, Banker & Tradesman (formerly Deputy Director for Multimedia at Gatehouse New England/Central)

An extremely professional and skilled editor

Heather’s ability to take on any article, ask the right questions and make it better makes her an extremely professional and skilled editor. She is very conscientious, willing to help and she offers good writing advice.

While she is always polite, she also knows how to get to the bottom of an issue. It’s a pleasure working with Heather and I would highly recommend her as a journalist, editor and writer.

Charlotte Wagenaar, former contributor, The International Correspondent

Very skilled writer and editor

Heather is a very skilled writer and editor. She impresses me time after time with her often flawless approach, eye for detail and dedicated work ethic. She works very well with both colleagues and prospective college students as well as professionals. Heather completes her assignments on time and never fails to add a creative touch when appropriate; she naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something she is passionate about.

Marina Meijer, UStudy Founder & Director