About Me

I am a mission-driven journalist, writer and editor who creates thought-provoking narratives for news outlets, university publications and nonprofit organizations. I also occasionally write my own opinion pieces. Through all of my work, I aim to catalyze greater respect, fairness and equality in the world.

A long-time, award-winning journalist, I have contributed to outlets ranging from community newspapers to national and international channels, including Stanford Social Innovation Review, UU World, TheNation.com, AMC Outdoors magazine and Al Jazeera America, among others. From 2017 until 2018, I was the sole editor and reporter at the Lexington Minuteman newspaper. 

My reporting has primarily focused on social issues such as race, religion and affordable housing.

I see the world through a lens of culture, embracing each story’s complexity and nuance. Curiosity and creativity drive me; I love the process of interviewing, meeting one-on-one with sources and clients, researching and writing. I also think digitally, thinking beyond words to consider each project’s potential images, video, graphics and audio. Recently, I have broadened my focus to help nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations tell powerful stories that nurture social progress.

From 2008 until 2015, I lived in Delft, the Netherlands, where I learned to speak Dutch, how to bike through hail and how best to dip french fries in mayonnaise (sparingly, sparingly). My work there included writing, editing and translating for an English-language politics and lifestyle magazine, The International Correspondent.

Today, I live near Boston in Arlington, Massachusetts, in a tiny-ish house set upon a rock. When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, cooking and being outside as much as possible, preferably with my husband and our two teenagers.


    Photo Credit: Kate Joyce Murphy